Get to Know Taylor Seed

Everything you want to know about us.

We know selecting seed is a big decision. It’s important to trust your seed advisor and seed company. Learn more about Taylor Seed and what separates us from the competition.

Selecting seed is a big decision and we know that. It’s important to trust not only the person making your seed recommendations but also the company you’re getting your seed from. Like our seed company – family- owned and operated – we want you to feel like we are family too.

Who is Taylor Seed?
We are an independently owned and family-operated company, built on solid family values. In 1981, Brad Taylor, president and CEO, had a vision – to develop a seed brand built on small-town family values. We extend those values to our customers because you’re our family too.

What is Taylor Seed’s mission?
Our mission is to be your trusted seed advisor. From seed selection through harvest, lean on us. We know making seed selection is complex. There’s several seed choices and companies out there to choose from, but we think we are different. And we’re not just saying that. We believe that down to the core.

What makes Taylor Seed different from other seed companies?
Taylor Seed products are thoroughly tested prior to release. Through Taylor Select Research, we bring the best traits and genetic testing together to make sure that only the best products are selected for your local geography. Additionally, Taylor Seed is different from your average seed company because we are focused on providing our customers only the best.

We don’t make our farmers jump through hoops, join fancy programs or create documents with fine print that just don’t measure up in the end. Instead, we’re honest and we listen to your needs. We shoot it straight – and that’s the way it should be. You want a work horse hybrid? No problem. But if it has the potential for late-season stalk quality challenges, we’ll tell you the hybrid will perform and that you need to make sure to apply enough nitrogen and get a fungicide application on to help prevent those challenges. Your failure is our failure just like your success is our success.

Do you really provide that family-owned feel?
In a time of industry mergers and acquisitions, we always strive to provide that family-owned feel. We remain the same family values-based company we were when we began more 40 years ago. Our CEO is as accessible as any of our district sales managers. Call him: 785-741-5019. He’s happy to speak with you.

What benefits do customers see when buying from Taylor Seed?
We provide our customers with corn and soybeans that are field-tested and tried in your growing environment. We bring product placement to a new level; we know our hybrids in and out, which stands us apart from our competitors. We only sell products that perform well. If a hybrid has an undesirable characteristic, we’ll tell you. We’re transparent like that. Our access to top-notch genetics and the latest traits means we sell the right seed for every one of our farmers’ fields. Why wouldn’t we? We only succeed when you do.

What is Taylor Seed’s vision for the future?
Our vision is to continue what we started in 1981 – provide top-notch genetics and traits that help farmers succeed. Like any seed company, we want to continue to grow our business, but never at the cost of our customers. We want to make sure we have the right products for your local growing environment.