Taylor Seed Dominates the Early- and Full-Season FIRST Corn Trials in St. Joseph, MO

Taylor Seed Farms corn hybrid varities 8013 and 9913 scored first place in Early Season and Full Season respectively at FIRST trials

Taylor Seed Farms hybrids finish on top of the early- and full-season corn trials in St. Joseph, Missouri. These trials are organized by the Farmers Independent Research Seed Trials (FIRST). These trials are held throughout the Midwest, and Taylor Seed participates in the trials across our region. The first trial results are in, and 8013 won the early-season trials and 9913 (listed as EXP C-114-22 VT2P) took the full-season trials.

The early-season trial results saw 8013 with 255.5 bu/A and it’s a 112-day maturity. Here is more information on 8013: https://tinyurl.com/yzo3re4o

For the full-season trial, 9913 is 113-day maturity and came out on top with an additional 3 bushels to the number-two hybrid with 243.5 bu/A. Here is more information on 9913: https://tinyurl.com/yhbzg7uf

Click here for the full location results. Reach out to your local dealer or give us a call at 785-595-3236 to get your 8013 or 9913 reserved for the 2022 season!