Taylor Seed Contends for Top Spots in the FIRST Corn Trials in Southwest Iowa

FIRST Corn Trial results are in from southwest Iowa, and Taylor Seed reaches the top five in the full-season trials. The Farmers Independent Research Seed Trials (FIRST) are conducted throughout the Midwest, and Taylor Seed participates in multiple trials. 

The full-season test in Farragut, Iowa, included 6012 as the third-place finisher. This hybrid finished with a 112-day maturity and 269.8 bu/A, less than 5 bu/A away from winning the trial. Find out more about it here.

A second full-season test was conducted in Clarinda, Iowa ,and was Taylor Seed’s second top-five hybrid. 9913 finished fifth with a 114-day maturity and 267.4 bu/A. Find out more about it here.

Please reach out to your local Taylor Seed dealer or give us a call at 785-595-3236 to get your 6012 or 9913  reserved for the 2022 season!