Taylor Seeds Claims Top Spot in Kansas FIRST Corn Trial

Taylor Seeds finished one hybrid in the top spot and others in the top five of the early and full-season corn trials in Northeast Kansas. The Farmers Independent Research Seed Trials (FIRST) are held throughout the Midwest.

In Baldwin City, KS, 8822 took the top spot in the early-season test with 154.5 bu/A and 111-day maturity. 8822 also finished first in Seneca, KS, with a 111-day maturity and 199.0 bu/A, almost 4 bu/a higher than the second place seed. Baldwin City results here. Seneca results here.

6012 saw a top-five finish in the early-season trial in Overbrook, KS, with 153.7 bu/A and 112-day maturity. Results here.

Taylor varieties took fourth and fifth place in the Spring Hill, KS full-season trial. 9915 claimed the 4th spot with 104.7 bu/A and 115-day maturity, and right behind it was 8824 with 103.7 bu/A and 113-day maturity. Spring Hill results here.

The first regional trials results are in, and the early-season test saw 6012 with a second-place overall finish and 149.2 bu/A.  You can find regional results here

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