Taylor Seeds Leads the Way in Early and Full Season FIRST Trials in Southeast Nebraska

Taylor Seeds hybrids take top five in six trials in Southeast Nebraska. The Farmers Independent Research Seed Trials (FIRST) are conducted throughout the Midwest, and Taylor Seed participates in multiple trials. 

The early-season results saw a first place finish in Tecumseh, NE from 8013 with 192.2 bu/A and a 112-day maturity. For more information on 8013 click here

The 9012 finished second in the early-season Douglas, NE trial with 253.3 bu/A and a 112-day maturity. For more information on 9012 click here.

There was also a top-five finish from 9915 in the full-season trial. 9915 was third with 244.4 bu/A and a 115-day maturity in Douglas, NE.

With these results, Taylor builds on successful trials in 2020 and 2019. In the full-season test in 2020, 8877 took the top spot with 233.3 bu/A and 8824 was not far behind with 228.9 bu/A. 8877 also finished second in the 2019 full-season trials with 174.8 bu/A. 

For more information on 8824 click here.

Please reach out to your local Taylor Seeds dealer, our new Nebraska Taylor Seed Sales Lead, Jimmy Jarred at 402-883-7299 or give us a call at the office at 785-595-3236 to get your hybrids reserved for the 2022 season!