Another Layer of Coverage to Get Your Corn the Best Start – Taylor Bio+

We are excited to offer Taylor Bio+ on select corn hybrids for the 2023 season. Taylor Bio+ is a blended biological that increases the availability of phosphorus (P), zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe) in your soils and helps your fertilizer investment go further! 

How does it work? It creates a biofilm on the root of your crop. The biofilm contacts the soil and solubilizes P, Zn and Fe. Taylor Bio+ grows all season long and increases the availability and uptake of these nutrients throughout the growing season.

The Taylor Bio+ results are impressive – an 83% yield response which was not limited to one soil time. High and low fertility environments showed positive yield advantages. Our testing shows it is a cost-effective way to maximize the nutrients already in your soil and your fertilizer investment. 

To find out more information, talk to your local Taylor Seed dealer or give us a call at 785-595-3236.