Taylor Seed Claims Top Spot in FIRST Trials With More to Come!

Taylor Seed participates in the Farmers Independent Research Seed Trials (FIRST) each year. These trials are held throughout the Midwest to compare different companies’ hybrids head to head, and Taylor Seed participates in the trials held across our region.  So far in the 2023 trials, Taylor Seed had three hybrids take the top spot: 6015 … Read more

Give Your Corn the Best Start – Taylor Bio+

We are excited to offer Taylor Bio+ on select corn hybrids for the 2024 season. Taylor Bio+ is a blended biological that increases the availability of phosphorus (P), zinc (Zn), and iron (Fe) in your soils and helps your fertilizer investment go further!  How Does It Work? It creates a biofilm on the root of … Read more