Give Your Corn the Best Start – Taylor Bio+

We are excited to offer Taylor Bio+ on select corn hybrids for the 2024 season. Taylor Bio+ is a blended biological that increases the availability of phosphorus (P), zinc (Zn), and iron (Fe) in your soils and helps your fertilizer investment go further! 

How Does It Work?

It creates a biofilm on the root of your crop. The biofilm contacts the soil and solubilizes phosphorus, zinc, and iron. Taylor Bio+ grows all season long and increases the availability and uptake of these nutrients throughout the growing season. Depending on your soil pH, up to nearly 50% of the phosphorus applied at planting isn’t absorbed without Taylor Bio+. 


“Taylor Bio+ is an exciting new product that complements our corn hybrids and allows our customers to get the best yields possible. It can take years for phosphorus, zinc, and iron to be broken down and absorbed into the soil for crop availability. Taylor Bio+ is a product that speeds up that timeline and shows immediate benefits,” said Brad Taylor, Taylor Seed Farms CEO. 


The Taylor Bio+ results are impressive – Give Yin our three years of research has shown a 5.99 bu/A advantage, as well as an 81% win rate! High and low fertility environments showed positive yield advantages. Our testing shows it is a cost-effective way to maximize the nutrients already in your soil and your fertilizer investment. 


Taylor also shared, “As with all of our products, Taylor Bio+ has gone through rigorous testing in our Taylor Select Research program before it was made available to our customers. We are confident it’s a good addition to our lineup.” 


Taylor Bio+ is only available while supplies last, so to place your order or find out more information, talk to your local Taylor Seed dealer or call us at 785-595-3236.