Taylor Seed Claims Top Spot in FIRST Trials With More to Come!

Taylor Seed participates in the Farmers Independent Research Seed Trials (FIRST) each year. These trials are held throughout the Midwest to compare different companies’ hybrids head to head, and Taylor Seed participates in the trials held across our region. 

So far in the 2023 trials, Taylor Seed had three hybrids take the top spot: 6015 won in northern Missouri, 6012 took first place in southern Iowa, and 9913 claimed number one in northern Missouri, with more results to come!

Our 6012 is a medium-tall hybrid 112RM with tremendous yield potential, propelling it to its first-place finish in southern Iowa. It is a widely adapted hybrid in high-stress areas and high-yield environments and is one of our hybrids that features Trecepta® insect trait protection. For more details about our 6012 hybrid, click here.  

Another hybrid with a first-place finish is also a hybrid that features Trecepta® insect trait protection, 6015. It’s a 115RM hybrid that handles stress well and has excellent test weight and early plant vigor. To find out more about 6015, click here.

And our third first-place winner is 9913, which claimed the top spot in northern Missouri. This hybrid consistently has strong performance in our Taylor Select Research program, so it was no surprise to see it take the cake in the FIRST trials! Our 9913 is a tall hybrid with outstanding yields, very good stalk, good roots, and early vigor, and test weight ratings, which combine to make this hybrid a winner. For more information on 9913, click here

Bringing our customers hybrids with the best genetics and the latest trait technologies is important to us. Putting our hybrids to the test with our Taylor Select Research program and participating in the FIRST trials annually ensures that we are succeeding in only selling hybrids that work for your farms.

Reach out to your local dealer or give us a call at 785-595-3236 to get your 6015, 6012, or 9913 reserved for the 2024 season! Our best pricing is available until November 30th.