47E1-S – 4.7RM

tall, tough stress line with above average standability stacked with STS® excellent early vigor excels in clay soils widely adapted LEGEND 1 = Excellent 5 = Poor Plant type 1 = thin Plant type 3 = bush MR = moderately resistant MT = moderately tolerant FE = frogeye leaf spot Product Tech New RELATIVE MATURITY … Read more

Add Genesis™ Brand Soybeans to Your Farm

Soybeans available in Enlist E3® trait technology Taylor Seed offers Genesis brand soybeans to their soybean lineup.  What are Genesis brand soybeans? Genesis brand soybeans are a new line of soybean varieties added to our portfolio to provide our customers with even more options for selecting the best-performing soybeans for their fields. What soybean herbicide … Read more

Response to COVID-19

  To Our Valued Customers: Face-to-face contact- Our focus will be to minimize or stop face-to-face contact with customers and vendors. Our employees take pride on building relationships with our customers, so this will be a very difficult change for our delivery and sales team. Our sales team will conduct business via phone or email … Read more