The Taylor Select Research program allows us to help our customers find the best options for their fields. This Taylor Select Research is conducted throughout the region to test seed performance in various growing conditions, including soil type, natural water availability and crop rotation strategies. Each of our hybrids and varieties is tested for at least three years before we offer them to our customers. This research ensures we have the data to back up our seeds’ performance.

We provide you with the best genetics and the latest trait technologies, proven through research in your area to maximize your yield and profit potential. See how the Taylor Seed hybrids and varieties performed.

We pride ourselves on conducting research that aligns with field and weather conditions for our farmer’s fields. We want to make sure we are evaluating new hybrids and varieties to see if they are the right fit for our farmers before offering them. The proof is in the Taylor Select Research results, and we hope folks find them helpful if they want to try out something new for 2022.

Location is very important; they work on the Taylor Select Research plots in the areas they sell to find genetics that work in those areas. That is something else that when you sell for other companies, they don't come down with different products developed to help you specifically in your area.

Across the region, 8824 corn hybrid was a standout in 2020. Want to know more about 8824 VT2Pro RIB? It’s a 112-113 maturity and scored in the top 4 in 80% of the Taylor Select Research for our north and central regions.