Taylor Seed Farm Hybrids Win Top Spots in National Corn Yield Contest

Two Taylor Seed hybrids take first and second place in Kansas Conventional Non-Irrigated Class The National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC), sponsored annually by the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), recognizes farmers from across the country for their efforts and exceptional results. Although the past year posed numerous tests for all sectors of the American public, … Read more

Taylor Seed Farms Takes First Place!

We were excited to see our 8824 hybrid in the first-place slot in Kansas for the National Corn Yield Contest Convention Non-Irrigated category, winning with a chart-topping yield of 293.32 bu/A! Coming in second in the category was 8013, with a yield of 290.66.

Cody Hartwich of Onaga, KS

“This year 8824 did everything it was supposed to. It was a good stand, we saw extreme consistency of the ears, and it was the best test weight of the year. We use a lot of different seed because of our custom farm work, and it had the best test weight across all of our … Read more

Rick Strathman of Baileyville, KS

“We’ve worked with Taylor Seed for more than 15 years, and we’ve always had good luck with their seed. This year 8824 corn and 8890 for silage were both standouts for me,” Rick Strathman, Baileyville, KS farmer. Across the region 8824 corn hybrid was a standout in 2020. Want to know more about 8824 VT2Pro … Read more

8824 VT2PRO RIB – 112-113RM

Medium plant height with a semi-flex ear type Tremendous yield potential (widely adapted) Very good stalk and root strength Excellent test weight and early plant vigor Top performer in Taylor Select Research (112-115 day maturity test) #1 selling Taylor hybrid LEARN MORE ABOUT 8824 LEGEND 1 = Excellent S = Poor F = Flex SF … Read more